A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The more you have, the worse it is for other people.

Junk is a variation of the familiar falling-blocks puzzle game. When you start a game of Junk, you don’t play on an empty board. Instead, you play on the finishing board of someone else’s game. And when you’re done, any mistakes you make, all junk you collect, will become another's problem in due time, for all time.

Junk requires an internet connection to play.

Post-LD Update Notes:

  • Decrease visibility of ghost block
  • Show score during Outro scene
  • Change "Junk" color to green when you've cleared more Junk than you've created
  • Added improvements for repeat players (only applies on second play)
    • Shows intro-skip indicators
    • Increases board animation speed
    • Changes game title to include username of previous board owner
    • Saves specified username for quick submission

Install instructions

Download the .zip file and extract it to play the game.

On MacOS, if you have trouble starting the game, try right-clicking on the application and opening it from the menu.


Junk (for Win64, Post-LD).zip 2 MB
Junk (for Win32, Post-LD).zip 2 MB
Junk (for Win64).zip 3 MB
Junk (for MacOS).zip 4 MB

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